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Will you walk this road with me? :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 0 0 [WIP] Kick! :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 2 0 [WIP UPDATE] Chillin' with Ephemer. :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 9 0 [WIP UPDATE] Chillin' with Ephemer :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 7 0 [PAPERCRAFT] Jack Skellington :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 2 0 [WIP] what... ? :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 3 0 [WIP] with Ephemer (Messy Sketch) :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 5 6 [CARD #6] COLORED TEASER :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 1 0 [CARD #4] COLORED TEASER :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 2 0 [CARD #4] LINEART PREVIEW :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 0 0 [CARD #3] COLORED TEASER :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 1 0 [CARD #3] LINEART PREVIEW :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 0 0 [TEASER] Neonmob Series Card#2 :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 0 0 [TEASER] Neonmob Series Card#1 :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 0 0 Sora genderbend WIP :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 1 0 [WIP] Spenoe :iconintrovertvirtuoso:introvertvirtuoso 0 0


How to draw your characters from ANY angle!
:iconstephenmccranie:StephenMcCranie 45 14
Unique Character Design Tips
In my opinion, these are the most important factors in any character design: color, concept, shape, simplicity, cohesiveness, repeatability, personality and uniqueness.
Color: Any design with colors all over the place creates too many places for the eye to look. Keep your color design very simple and zen. Looking at the colors shouldn't be jarring or confusing. This isn't to say only use one color, not at all, but try to make sure the ones you use are harmonious. Avoid mixing and matching different saturations of the same color or picking colors that clash with one another.
My rule of thumb: Stick to no more than three base colors and some value variations.
Concept: Your design should have inspiration, even if the inspiration is just your intended character's personality or an interesting object that represents them. Your character could be a bookworm, and that would impact her posture, her clothing, her hairstyle...pretty much everything about her! You can design
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Character Aging Sheet :icondeejuusan:deeJuusan 21,955 671 Goodnight :iconsnetva:Snetva 327 20 Vraklek :iconvaghauk:Vaghauk 96 4 fertility god :iconaldariia:Aldariia 379 23 Emily Kaldwin _Dishonored 2 :iconsiricc:SiriCC 155 26 Little Lhettie :iconhozure:Hozure 464 13 WIP SERIES - Jennifer Lawerance as Katniss :iconklsadako:KLSADAKO 75 22 365daysofsketches - 2nd year - 242 :iconrobertogatto:RobertoGatto 76 1 GYPSY SKETCH :iconsimplyliah:SimplyLiah 211 20 The Shepherd of Lost Souls :iconaths-art:Aths-Art 178 6 Launchpad McQuack - Ipad Pro and Procreate :iconjavas:Javas 731 70 DTA contest entry :iconkpj11:KPJ11 593 40 365daysofsketches - 2nd year - 239 :iconrobertogatto:RobertoGatto 361 9 Liberty II - passage of the soul :iconscheinlicht:Scheinlicht 133 14


Will you walk this road with me?
So I decided to create a webtoon based from the unfinished story I wrote back in high school. That was 5 years ago. XD It is somehow under romantic comedy genre but it is also under drama or slice of life. (truth is, I'm not really sure coz I am not a fan of romance genre in the first place HAHAHA) The language is going to be Filipino but I'll try to make an English version if anyone's going to be interested.

The artwork above is not related to the webtoon. It's just a cover photo I did for my Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr since this decision and this path ahead is gonna be a long way. By the way, just to warn you, since the story is written way back in high school it is full of stupid stuffs and whatnot. LOL I just decided to go for that story since the other concepts I have right now (fantasy, action, or gore) for other stories are not yet too solid. Mostly, I have reached some dead ends to those so I can't really proceed.

I am just doing this webtoon project because I am so bad at accomplishing things that I planned. I always set things like 'Create background studies' or 'Observe anatomy and try to draw dynamic poses' or etc. I thought that with this webtoon, I will be able to practice and enhance my skills as I do it. It'll also be good for my portfolio, I guess(?) haha

So that's it! I am still a little confused on how to start but I'll get there soon enough! Had to finish my other WIPs first.
[WIP] Kick!
Another WIP! I am experimenting on my workflow right now. Trying to do several illustrations a day with minimal progress~ I dunno if this is better than trying to finish a single illustration in a day(night actually, im nocturnal).

Usually, I tend to be so lazy and too eager to finish an illustration that I tend to neglect proportions, lightings and other composition stuffs to better my work. I think this way, I could see more of what I am lacking and change them if necessary. It'll take a while but I think the output will be much better!

Just have to keep reminding myself of all of these WIPs so they won't be forgotten in the WIP void XD
PS: Character not mine~
[WIP UPDATE] Chillin' with Ephemer.

So this is the most recent progress I got with my KHUX fanart. Finally, I was able to get back to this.

So far, the things I've done are mostly the bg stuffs so it might not be too noticeable. Changed the female character's expression and right hand pose. I am still thinking of changing the middle character's expression coz I think it's lacking.. Ephemer is looking good so I don't know.. lels

I think it would be better if I add some dialogue or what? Guys please give me feedback! It would really help. Thanks~

PS: I intentionally lowered the quality when I exported it coz this is the whole image and I've seen some people even stealing WIP images (like, seriously -_- ). I don't really think there will be someone interested to steal this or what but I have trust issues so please bear with me XD 
PSPS: I am thinking of moving to another account, haven't made one yet tho. I am not using introvertvirtuoso as a username anymore, and I don't think I'll be able to change my username here anytime soon since it requires being a core member. I don't wanna pay (and I dont have money) just to change my username. So yeah~ gotta move to @zachrizcain latuurr. I'll post again once I moved.. I won't be uploading what I uploaded here already.. It's more like a fresh new start too. :3

[WIP UPDATE] Chillin' with Ephemer
Zach (my male KHUX avatar) be like: "Mahal ko o mahal ako?"


LOL im so sorry >.<
Again, Zachriz and Zach are supposed to be siblings but IDK XD Might change their expressions coz this is really giving me some odd ideas orz Gonna clean the lineart too, no not actually clean, I mean, wipe out the lineart and try to render it with more color values.

I hope Square Enix didn't intend on making the game crash in emulators.. For now, no more late night lux grinding ?????? I even have to beg and sneakily get my niece's tablet just to play this.. KH is my life, please don't take it away from me. :'<
[PAPERCRAFT] Jack Skellington
I just realized that the only thing I haven't done with this was the footing and it took me 4-5 months to notice that XD I've started this last February and it didn't take long to finish Jack's body since he only got few parts. I just really didn't realize sooner >.<

credits to chamoo232 for the template :3

Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram: @zachrizcain
Facebook: Zachriz Cain
Behance: /zachrizcain


introvertvirtuoso's Profile Picture
Zachriz Cain
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Introverted multimedia artist.
Multi-fandom KPOP Fangirl.

As an artist, I specialize in pencil sketching and digital painting.
I also do video editing and 3D modelling. (So far, I've only done stuffs related to these categories for school projects)
Mostly, I do fan arts for my biases but I also want to explore other fields of art but I DON'T HAVE THE TIME (for now).

My greatest hardship in life is to preserve my creativity and keep improving as an artist. Everything I see here in DA makes me kinda doubtful as an artist. All of the deviants here are awesome, I cannot even. hahaha

I am nothing compared to them but I believe that I can improve myself just as they did!!
POSITIVITY!!! hahaha


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